The Anger Management program provides an evidence-based approach to training individuals in effective methods of managing anger.  The program is based on resources provided by the Anger Management Institute based in Oak Brook, IL and has been approved and endorsed by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).  Christine is a Certified Anger Management Specialist-II.

If anger has had a negative effect on your personal relationships, your ability to maintain employment or lead a fulfilling life, you may benefit from the Anger Management Program.  The premise of the program demonstrates that anger – although often destructive – is a normal emotion and gives energy which can be transformed into productive behaviour, achieving healthy personal and relationship goals.

The Anger Management program is currently offered to individuals/couples and scheduled by the session/hour.  Homework assignments will be assigned to be completed before the next session resumes.  This program may take an average of four sessions, but may be completed more quickly or take longer, depending on how the participant manages their time in session and with the assignments/homework required to successfully complete the full program.

There are currently no anger management groups scheduled, however, in the event that there is a need, group sessions may be scheduled and will be co-facilitated with another Certified Anger Management Specialist.

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